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Government Affairs

Government Affairs

Whether it is a vendor relationship, community engagement, or even crisis management, most businesses and organizations will have to interact with a representative from the local, state or federal government. These interactions should go smoothly and professionally to ensure maximum benefit.

Business Advocacy

We will actively engage in policy proposals that impact your industry, business and corporate performance. We will help you introduce your business to policy makers and express its needs to government entities in legally appropriate ways.

Improve Competitive Position

Business growth is a combination of strategy, advocacy and positioning within local governments and community. We balance these issues and create a path to successfully grow your business.

Business Education

We proudly work with local political and municipal officials to educate and enlighten them on the challenges that local businesses face. A key strength of Varona Insights is helping government officials to understand the struggles and realities of business ownership in ways that allow them to become better policy makers.